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Published on October 30th, 2013 | by EJC


Open Development Camp 2013: The Future Of International Development And Humanitarian Aid

The access to data is a common challenge for all experts using data to understand the effectiveness of development and humanitarian aid. From reporting disasters to informing development progress, big data as well as the quality of data has time and time again proven to be a big issue.

Many questions arise: how open is the development-related data? Do we have sufficient tools and hardware to accommodate the needs to well-inform the progress of development aid? Are the non-profit sectors releasing their own data for public access? And what does the future hold for the development and foreign aid sectors?

The Open Development Camp 2013 in Amsterdam on the 7th and 8th of November will address these issues and attempt to answer the question; how can we be more open with our data?

Organised by Open for Change, the Camp will examine opportunities for individuals with different skills, technologies, and experience to come together and harness data for social gain. If emergency workers or reporters are to effectively utilise the information gathered from big data they need access to it. Not only does this involve developing the tools to obtain data, but also building partnerships with the organisations that gather it. The Open Development Camp will explore the resources that open up data, and provide participants with the means to successfully use big data for their particular cause or crisis reporting needs.

Registration for the Open Development Camp 2013 can be found here. For more information visit the Open For Change website.


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