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Published on September 11th, 2015 | by EJC


What Is VK And Why Should You Care?

This article was written by Kira Kirk and originally published at Echosec on 25 August, 2015. Republished with permission.

If you ask Google ‘What is VK?’ very little comes up. The search results contain articles thatoften give conflicting information. Most of the links that return are from ages ago.

To figure out what VK is we have to dig a bit deeper than a simple Google search.

What we do know is that VKontakte (or VK for short) is a social media networking site. Like most social media networks you can add friends, gain followers, and post photos of your food and your cat.


The standout difference is that VK is geared toward Eastern European users, particularly Russian. In fact, it’s the most popular social media platform in Russia by far. It boasts over 70 million active daily users and 3 billion daily page views.

It should be no surprise, VK is a Russian company., a Russian Internet titan, owns the social media site.

As a Russian company, it adheres to Russian laws. This is important to note because of the laws surrounding copyright and IP in the country (or lack thereof). A lack of IP constraints enables VK to draw far more than simple inspiration from the best in the business. You’ll find a Facebook-style interface, Foursquare-like check-ins, and even a Pirate Bay type of file-sharing service

The one great thing we found about VK is the ease of creating an account. You simply enter a name, phone number, and password, then receive a validation code and you are good to go. If you don’t want to give them a phone number, you can also sign up with your Facebook account (a bit counterintuitive I know). In total, registering for an account takes about 2 minutes.

Once you have an account, you have the opportunity to fill out an in-depth profile to let your new network know who you are. The basic stuff is there: gender, age, relationship status etc. But there are also fields for whether you smoke, or if you’re military. You can even list your personal priority in a number of other important areas: family and children? career and money? entertainment and leisure? fame and influence? improving the world?


Why Should You Care?

VK is the largest social media networking site in Russia. It’s ranked globally for all social networks, second only to Facebook. It ranks higher than Instagram and Twitter. VK also ranks #5 on the list of all websites available.

VK has become a social media giant but still remains relatively unknown in North America. This is because the majority of users are in Eastern Europe. (VK has more than 60 million Russian users. For reference, Facebook only has about 10 million.) There is a major opportunity here just waiting. We can look at it from two sides: what we can tell VK users, or what they can tell us.

What We Can Tell Them

What we can tell them, is related to marketing teams and businesses trying to enter the Eastern European market. Using VK as an engagement platform will show your message to millions of people, mainly located in Russia, on a site they trust enough to use daily.

At Echosec we aren’t experts at breaking into new foreign markets, and we don’t pretend to be (ok our marketing team sometimes does ). If you’re interested in making more money, and you want to get started in Russian, then check out this article by Gareth Morgan.

We are experts in monitoring social media around a location. This brings us to…

What They Can Tell Us

A location is usually monitored because you’re interested in something that could be about to happen, or something that is already happening. In both cases it’s helpful to know who is in the area, what they are up to, who their friends are, what they’re interested in… You get the picture, the more situational awareness you can harness, the better (so long as it can be useful).

These benefits are what drive the need for location-based social media monitoring in general.

Once you have started to use a location-based social media monitoring tool (we, of course, recommend Echosec) be sure to keep your eyes open for posts from VK. It’s a good indication that someone with ties to Russia or other parts of Eastern Europe is posting from that area. Helpful information? we’ll let you be the judge (HINT: the answer is probably ‘yes’, contact us and we’ll explain why)

To Wrap it Up

VK is one of the largest social media networks in the world. We find posts from the service in almost every search we do with Echosec PRO, in every corner of the world. Did you notice the location tag in the cat photo?


Knowledge of international social media feeds is important to all experts in their location-based searches. As is always the case when making informed decisions, the more, useful information that can be gathered, the better.  More social media feeds leads to more information, which leads to better decisions.

Make sure you ask your social media search engine which feeds they have available and how they are relevant to you.

About the Author:

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Kira Kirk is a Marketing Executive, blogger, and food enthusiast at the up-and-coming social media search start-up Echosec Systems. The Echosec team focuses on delivering real-time situational awareness to the forefront of intelligence, public safety, and security institutions. At Echosec HQ, in Victoria, Canada, Kira manages to do just about everything. Typically, she focuses on the Echosec marketing efforts. She actively applies her talent to customer engagement, content marketing, and online campaigns. You can find her on LinkedIn or under the Twitter handle @K_Kirk107.

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